Hayami Group


  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (2021/4~2024/3)
    "Systematic understanding of cross-correlated coupling and quantum transport based on augmented multipoles and exploring for functional materials (21H01037)",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency, PRESTO "Topological Materials Science for Creation of Innovative Functions" (2020/11~2024/3)
    "Theoretical study of novel topological magnets based on spiral structures (MJPR20L8)",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (2019/4~2022/3)
    "(in Japanese)反転対称性の破れた磁性体における非相反マグノンの研究 (19H01834)",
    Project leader:Prof. Taku J Sato (Tohoku University)
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (2019/4~2022/3)
    "(in Japanese)微視的多極子の秩序による創発スピン軌道物性の開拓 (19K03752)",
    Project leader:Prof. Hiroaki Kusunose (Meiji University)
  • Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute, Toyota Riken Scholarship (2019/4-2020/3)
    "Theoretical search for new skyrmion crystals based on crystalline magnetic anisotropy",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
  • Grand-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists (2018/4~2021/3)
    "Mechanisom of chiral magnetic orderings and search for unconventional magnetic conductivity in itinerant magnets (18K13488)",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas 「J-Physics: Physics of Conductive Multipole Systems」 (2018/4~2020/3)
    Solicitation Project "Novel multiferroics by toroidal multipoles in hybrid orbital systems (18H04296)",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
  • Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity start-up (2016/10~2018/3)
    "Theoretical search and control of toroidal moment hidden in magnetic states with strong spin-orbit coupling (16H06590)",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (2015/4~2018/3)
    "Theory of quantum transport and optical response emergent from spatial and time reversal inversion symmetry breaking (15K05176)",
    Project leader;Prof. Hiroaki Kusunose (Meiji Univ.)
    (I join this project from 2016 as )
  • Grant-in-Aid for JSPJ Fellows (DC1) (2012/4~2015/3)
    "Theoretical study of novel magnetic and charge orderings and magnetotransport in partial disorder in the Kondo systems (12J09153)",
    Project leader:Satoru Hayami
    (chagne to PD from Sep. 2014)