Hayami Group

We theoretically study novel physical phenomena in strongly-correlated electron systems based on quantum mechanics and statistical physics.
Our recent research subjects include
  • Peculiar electornic and magnetic states in spin-charge coupled systems
  • Stabilization mechanism of noncoplanar magnetic orders including magnetic skyrmions
  • Cross-correlated phenomena over electric, magnetic, elastic, heat, and light.
  • Understanding physical phenomena induced by toroidal orderings
  • Novel magnetic states by geometrical frustration
  • Spin-orbit coupled physics in p, d, and f electron systems
  • Classification of electronic physical properties based on microscopic multipoles
  • Analysis of unconventional physical phenomena discovered in real materials
  • Our group welcomes new members, collaborations, and visitors. Application of graduate students is here. Postdoc application for JSPS fellowship is here. If you are interested in our research, please contact hayami_at_ap.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp for more information.